Neurobasis chinensis chinensis: Progress report

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The following is a step by step outline of my methodology, with accompanying imagery, for a current animation project. Depicted in the animation is Neurobasis chinensis chinensis, a beautiful Damselfly species  from Thailand.

Phase one: Brainstorming, research and sketching

Pase Two: Creation of top and side views to import into Maya for modelling.

Top Top-View-Most-Recent SideSide-View-Most-Recent

Phase Three: Storyboarding

Neurobasis Storyboard Version 1Neurobasis Storyboard Version 12Neurobasis Storyboard Version 13

Phase Four: Modelling

This is the model currently in progress. What you see at the moment is really one half of the model reflected to created symmetry. Render-shot-1Render-shot-2Render-shot-3

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